Water - The Divine Portion that Maintain Life

2022-12-19 - Water

Water is a miraculous substance that can readily make us believe in something larger than ourselves. Water has many characteristics equating it to a God-like material. The beginnings of life on earth have one element in common and that is water. From the origin of life form i.e., from the foetus in womb arising from the water onto the earth, to giving life to the myriad lifeforms on the planet, water becomes the divine element.

Many features and facts of water makes it the miraculous substance. Studies have found that humans are composed of 60 – 70% water. Water is the most vital solution for life as it is required for the functioning of all vital organs. Various studies have shown that a person can live without food for about a month, but only a week without water.

Each one can judge and see what you think of water. Water is indeed a substance without which life as we know it and often taken for granted, could never exist. So, next time you place a glass of water to your lips, take a moment to ponder about the great miracle you are about to consume.

Water is essential for all forms of life. We become thirsty simply because our bodies consist of approximately 75% water and the proper functioning of organs need water. If we do not drink enough water we may dehydrate and this means that you have lost more water from the cells that build your muscles, than has been replaced.

Our earth is 70% water and all forms of life on Earth have always been dependent on water for survival, and today water is the important component that holds the key to survival in the future too.

Nutritional benefits of water

Simply thinking itself will prove to you the significant part played water in keeping you healthy. The ways it keeps our body healthy and how much should we consume is all dependent on each individual and their activities. Still, studies show that women must consume 11.5 cups, or 92 ounces and Men 15.5 cups, or 124 ounces of water.

The nutritional value of water depends on its source. Mineral and spring water that are derived from underground reservoirs and springs will provide nutrients in the mineral form of calcium and magnesium.

Some of the highly beneficially aspects of drinking water include:

1)     Improving Memory and Mood:

Many research point to the fact that mild dehydration may cause damage to memory and mood of people of all age groups-child to elderly persons. Mild dehydration negatively impacts moods and may rise anxiety levels. Also, it can be the reason behind headaches and migraines in some individuals.

2)     Exercise performance depends on the level of hydration:

Dehydration affects sports performance and creates disorders in physiological function. Lots of research studying the effects of hydration or dehydration in athletes, produced pretty much the same results that it plays an influential role in their activity.

3)     Poor Functioning of Vital Systems in the Body:

Low consumption of water or poor hydration may lead to the risk of developing, or the recurrence of kidney stones, in some individuals. Various studies prove that drinking adequate amounts of water reduces the risk of bladder infections and urinary tract infections, including cystitis, in women.

4)     Aids in Weight Maintenance:

As per studies, brain cannot differentiate between hunger and thirst, and is often mistaken as a ‘sugar craving’. So, the next time you are hit with a sugar craving, don’t forget to drink a glass of water first. Moreover, staying hydrated helps you maintain weight.

As per studies, having water before a meal fills you up and therefore promote weight loss by suppressing your appetite. This was also noted in a 2015 study, in which diet drinks were swapped for water and the results showed this may lead to greater reduction in weight and improved insulin resistance.

5)     Prevents constipation:

Staying hydrated may help prevent constipation in children, adults, and the elderly alike as water helps to ‘keep things moving’ in the digestive system. Anyone can become dehydrated, but certain people are at a greater risk, including infants, young children and people who work or exercise outdoors and older adults are more likely to become dehydrated. The body's fluid reserve becomes smaller, as you age and the ability to conserve water is reduced making the thirst sense less acute. Older adults having mobility problems limit their ability to obtain water for themselves and this also leads to dehydration.

Water plays an important role in the proper functioning of every cell in the body. With adequate hydration, the digestive system functions better, thus preventing constipation. Water helps to flush toxins from the body and promotes good kidney function, keeps joints and muscles lubricated. Water also contributes to healthier and younger-looking skin and helps regulate body temperature. 

So, for those who don’t like drinking water as such or needs an interest to grab that much required quantity of water, here are some tips:

1)     Eat it instead of drinking

Eating fruits and vegetables with a high-water content like melon, cucumbers, lettuce, and celery will also help in keeping the body hydrated.

2)     Flavour the water

Many people including kids will love this idea of adding a bit of flavour. Add some fruit to water like lemons, limes and oranges that are tried and is perfect combo. Even cucumber, strawberries watermelon, herbs also add that exciting flavour and make you crave for more.

3)     Link it to your routine

Drink a glass of water by linking it to your routine can be helpful. Make it a habit to drink water when you have your meal, when you go to brush your teeth, or use the washroom.

4)     Track the consumption level

Track the amount of water you are consuming by investing on a high-tech bottle that connects to smartphone and record the quantity consumed. Set an alarm as a reminder and track the intake of water in your calendar.

5)     Challenge a friend

Try out a healthy competition with a friend or family member to see who can meet their gulping goal most often.

6)     Take it during travel

It is difficult to drink enough water when we are travelling. When leaving home ensure to fill a water bottle to use on your daily travels.

7)     Alternate your drinks

Alternate your sodas, juices with water and vice versa.

Water proves to be a critical element for sustaining life. And in many cultures, they take it so seriously that if you destroy their water resource, you deprive them of their cultural identity. So, make it a point to give water its position and ensure to take your daily dose that will nourish you and help in leading a healthy balanced life.