Fitbox Center provides a range of facilities enhancing the experience of each member during their course.


Swimming Classes

The best swimming lessons are available at the FITBOX CENTRE, assisting you in developing your stamina, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness.


Gymnastic Classes

Learn the proper techniques to hone this exquisite aerobic rhythmic art of gymnastic skills at FITBOX CENTRE.


Kickboxing For Kids

Kickboxing is not just a sport for adults; it can also be a fantastic activity for kids. Learning the art of kickboxing can provide children with numerous benefits, including physical fitness, discipline, self-confidence, and self-defense skills in FIT BOX Center.


Karate Classes

Learn the defensive art of Karate at FITBOX CENTRE developing vital traits of persistence, self-control, discipline, and confidence, along with having the best combat skills.


Female Swimming course

Swimming makes women physically active, attractive and mentally robust and innovative. It increases stamina as it boosts energy rapidly.

Classes 8 classes per month
Age        Female Adult

Time      1 hour class


Private swimming Coaching

Private swim lessons at FITBOX offers an individualized approach, advantageous for self-conscious people, infants and special need people with aid in the healing of water-related trauma in individuals and offers more focused instruction helping to build confidence.